Alliance Institute and the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Following a first meeting in New York as part of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Annual Gala, the Coushatta Tribe invited Alliance Institute to visit as guests of Vice Chairman, David Sickey. The event was inspirational and sparked a clearer vision for Gulf Coast communities.

The tribe was officially recognized by the Federal government in 1973. Since then, with fewer than 1,000 members and a donation of land, the tribe has grown to run its own departments of health and education, provide EMT services to the surrounding area, and run its own casino.

While not all communities will opt for a casino, the Coushatta have lessons in communal growth and development from which we should take note. Alliance Institute is very excited to be working with the Coushatta Tribe as we look forward to continuing to improve the quality of life for those living along the American Gulf Coast

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