A Message from Executive Director Stephen Bradberry:

Thank you for your support

Alliance Institute is a strong advocate for social and economic justice in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.

Our work to expand access to health care puts Alliance Institute at the forefront of making positive, impactful change in communities throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Please consider making a secure on-line donation today to our General Operating Fund. Your support will help keep our operations humming so we can continue to provide important services to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region.

Thank you so much for your support!

Stephen Bradberry

Exec. Director, Alliance Institute

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CAPACITY: Alliance Institute is a 501c3 public charity founded in January 2010 that brings together an experienced team of trainers, public service specialists, development specialists, and grassroots leaders to advocate for social and economic justice.

MISSION: Alliance Institute’s mission is to provide individuals, families, and organizations with the skills and information necessary for them to fully participate in the decision making processes that affect them in their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

PROJECTS: Alliance Institute is coordinating programs to expand access to health care along the Gulf Coast:

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Language and Literacy Access
  3. Preserving Health Care Funding
  4. Regional Health Care Symposiums
  5. Gulf Region Health Outreach Program

YOUR SUPPORT: Only with the help of individual donors like you is it possible for us to provide the support and training that community members and organizations need to shape their destinies.